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JDI Commercial


With A master’s degree in Fine Arts from New York University and a first career in design for stage and screen, Jana Design is always looking for bigger and more public canvas with which to create a statement! You have invested in your brand and grown your company! JDI will make sure your surroundings fully support the level of success you have achieved and the future goals you want to accomplish. What the façade of your space, signage, entry,offices lobbies and guestrooms say about your company to others, is as important as the quality of the products and services you provide. At JDI we will develop a look for you that will inspire confidence, success and comfort.

Starting from a plan of the existing space and an inventory of what you have, JDI will comprehensively evaluate the systems your business needs to function productively and aesthetically shine. As expert interior designers, we develop space plans with these functions in mind and create a concept to establish the perfect environment for you, your employees and your guests. JDI will create a concept to enhance you brand including the space plan, lighting and sound issues, color scheme, signage and amenities. We love to connect our commercial clients with local artists who offer existing pieces or create original artwork that will enhance the work environment and inspire employees and guests to thrive. Supporting the local craftspeople and artists and engaging the local culture. JDI will then manage the implementation of the plan for you from beginning through completion.

If you are moving to new offices or seeking a location for a boutique hotel or restaurant, JDI will analyze how much square footage you need for your projected growth. Working with your realtor, we can apply our understanding of your company’s needs to each of the spaces you are considering and recommend the alterations needed to adapt the existing space to your company’s requirements. After completely overseeing the construction and preparation of the plan we will work with your staff to make your transition smooth and seamless.

If you are re- branding your image and aesthetic in your existing space we will inventory and evaluate what can successfully remain and what needs to change in order to accomplish a successful transition and inspiring outcome.