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Most people renovate or re-design their homes one to three times in their lives.  At JDI, we do this work every day and our extensive experience will make it easy for you.  Whether selecting colors, furniture and accessories, or reinventing a kitchen or bathroom, we have the knowledge and talent to help you make timeless and inspired choices.

The interior design process includes the same steps whether you are moving walls or simply moving furniture.  We first create a project list that will include the scope of work, as well as your hopes, dreams and goals for your new space.  Next, we create a detailed plan of action infusing practical aspects with our unique vision for your home.  We will consult our project-tested sub- contractors and vendors to create an accurate timeline and detailed budget.

We love the “Turnkey” method, where our clients approve the design and then allow us to fully and completely implement the plans within the specified budget and timeframe.  The Turnkey approach is especially recommended when you are moving into a new home or relocating.  If you find the construction process intriguing, once we have developed  a design plan, we can provide detailed project management or simply guide you through the process on an on-call basis.


For many years, JDI has been involved in the design and construction of estate homes.  We know all the pros and cons and ins and outs of new construction.  In fact, it’s typical to find the JDI team, on site, plaster dust in hair, guiding the implementation of your design plan.  If you are building from the ground up, the best time to include JDI is after the first round of plans have been drawn by your architect.  We will help you envision what your life will feel like in the space as planned and guide you through the adjustments you’ll want to make to fulfill your goals for living in your new home.

Understanding the schedule of the building process as we do, we will be sure to have the selected materials ready for the builders as needed and we will guide you through the design process every step of the way. JDI will draw detailed plans for your customized tile work, cabinetry, flooring, molding, ceiling and wall details.  Then, we guide you through the selection of your appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and accessories, cabinet and bathroom hardware, etc. The project culminates with a carefully considered color palette for your walls, window treatments, furnishings and accessories.